About the Whispir platform API

Built by developers, for developers, Whispir is the place where you can easily build communications into your app – SMS, email, push, voice, chat, web, social networks and web pages.

The Whispir API lets developers:

  • Create, send and retrieve multi-channel messages over 8 different channels.
  • Invoke scenario-based communications for quick, effective and targeted communications.
  • Publish messages to internal or external web pages, RSS feeds and social networks.
  • Asynchronously receive all responses to a given message and perform analysis on the data.

Communications Template API

The developers.whispir.com Template API lets developers:

  • Create rich, cross-channel message templates that can be managed by designers within the Whispir Rich Message Studio.
  • Ensure a DRY (‘don’t repeat yourself’) pattern within developer code by separating the communication content from code.
  • Reduce code change by managing content elsewhere.

Event Management API

The developers.whispir.com Event Management API provides developers with the tools needed to manage the communications around events:

  • When events occur in your organisation, manage them using developers.whispir.com.
  • Save different event details, such as Severity, Priority, Description and Tasks, to ensure a path to a seamless resolution.
  • Automatically inform teams through Whispir’s integrated cross-channel messaging, ensuring that you know who has received a message and, more importantly, who hasn’t.

Contact Management API

The developers.whispir.com API provides developers with the ability to manage the recipients of their messages:

  • Store contact information in a cloud-based, highly available and accessible environment.
  • Use standards based methods to create, update, and delete contact information.
  • Build forms to allow contacts to self-register and manage their account, with auto-generated email notifications.
  • Create, update and delete distribution lists that can be accessed for messaging at a later date.
  • JSON
  • XML

API endpoint


Whispir regions:

AU - https://api.au.whispir.com
AP - https://api.ap.whispir.com
AP1 - https://api.ap1.whispir.com
NZ - https://api.nz.whispir.com
US - https://api.us.whispir.com
IT - https://api.it.whispir.com
EDU - https://api.education.whispir.com

API authorization

Users must use an API Key and Authorization Header to access the Whispir API. These are available by signing up for an account at developers.whispir.com.

Resource endpoints

The following resource endpoints are accessible when using the Whispir API:


Note: The /events endpoint is only available for users who have the Events module enabled.

Example request:


# Authorization and apikey are provided in the registration processes

curl -H "Authorization: Basic <YOUR AUTHORIZATION HEADER>" -H "x-api-key: <YOUR API KEY>"

https://api.<region>.whispir.com/messages?apikey=<YOUR API KEY>


Example response:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

<ns2:return xmlns:ns2="http://schemas.api.whispir.com/dap" xmlns:ns3="http://schemas.api.whispir.com">

<status>No records found</status>