SMS messages

Sending SMS messages from Whispir is as easy as providing the recipient information and the content of the message.

Only 3 fields are required:

  • To: The mobile phone number of the recipient.
  • Subject: The first line or identifier of the SMS.
  • Body: The remainder of the SMS content.

The To field can be provided in the following formats:

Ad-hoc recipients


  • Mobile phone: 61423456789
  • Email address:
  • Landline phone: 61386000000

Defined Whispir recipients


  • Contact MRI:
  • User MRI:
  • Distribution List MRI:

Whispir strongly recommends that you use workspaces for all your messaging needs. Refer to Workspaces.


  • Each SMS message can contain up to 1600* characters.
  • The Subject field is mandatory.
  • The Body field is mandatory.
  • MRI (message resource identifier) is the unique Whispir address for the contact, user or distribution list.

*SMS character counts are limited in some countries. Contact your local Whispir account manager for information about the supported number of characters in your region.


  • If the response is 202 Accepted, the Location header contains the reference to the message request. This value can be used to retrieve the message status and responses later on.
  • For any other response codes refer to HTTP response codes.
  • If you have failed to capture the Location header value refer to Retrieve previously sent messages [add link to heading ‘Retrieve previously sent messages' in Section 7 Messages].
  • This process is same for SMS, email, voice and push notifications.
  • JSON
  • XML

SMS messages

Sending SMS messages using Whispir is as easy as providing the destination phone number(s), a message subject and the message content.


HTTP 1.1 POST https://api.<region>[your_api_key]

Authorization: Basic am9obi5zbWl0aDpteXBhc3N3b3Jk

x-api-key: your_api_key

Content-Type: application/vnd.whispir.message-v1+json

Accept: application/vnd.whispir.message-v1+json


"to" : "+1000000000",

"subject" : "Test SMS Message",

"body" : "This is the body of my test SMS message"


Response: 202 Accepted

Location: https://api.<region>{id}?apikey=[your_api_key]