Contact devices

Retrieving devices

A devices is a sub-resource to a contact. Devices belonging to a specific contact can be retrieved quite easily with a GET request to the /workspaces/{:wid}/contacts/{:cid}. A simple workspaces/{:wid}/contacts/{:cid} will result in all devices being retrieved for that contact with all of their information under the devices key. No filters are applied.

Note: Deleted devices can’t be retrieved. Only devices with a status of ‘Active’ or ‘Disabled’ can be seen.

  • JSON
  • XML

Retrieving the list of devices under a contact

Devices can easily be retrieved from the Whispir API using the following endpoints:


HTTP 1.1 GET https://api.<region>{:wid}/contacts/{:cid}?apikey=<your_api_key>

Authorization: Basic am9obi5zbWl0aDpteXBhc3N3b3Jk

x-api-key: your_api_key

Accept: application/



"id": "AF48A9EC3F02E43C",

"firstName": "Fred",

"lastName": "Smith",

"status": "A",

"messagingoptions": [],

"devices":[], //list of devices as array of objects if any

"link": {

"method": "GET",

"rel": "self",

"uri": "http://api.<region>{:wid}/contacts/{:cid}?apikey=<your_api_key>"