Message status

Whispir will automatically monitor the status of each message after it has been sent to each recipient. Using the message status information, you can determine who received the message, what time they received it, on what message channel (SMS, email, voice, web, push notification), whether they replied to the message, and what time they replied and on what messaging channel.

Each message progresses through various statuses, from Pending to Acknowledged.

Message status descriptions

Pending (PENDING)

The message has not yet been processed by Whispir. It’s in a queue and will be processed shortly.

Sent (SENT)

The message has been sent from Whispir to the recipient. However, there has been no acknowledgement from the recipient via a read receipt that the message has arrived.

Received (DELIVRD)

Email: Whispir has received acknowledgement via a read receipt that the message has arrived in the inbox.

SMS: Received status can mean one of two things for SMS:

  • The message has been received by the network and is being processed for delivery to the device. How long the message stays in this state is up to the telco.
  • The message has been received by the device and confirmed by the telco.

Acknowledged (READ)

Whispir has received an intended response from the recipient by reply SMS, email or voice prompt.

Undeliverable (FAILED)

Whispir was not able to deliver the message to the intended recipient on the specified channel. This may be due to incorrect information (for example, the wrong phone number or email address) or poor network coverage.

Using the API, developers can access this status information at either a Summary or Detailed level.

The first thing a developer must do to retrieve the status of a sent message is retrieve the message using the API.

  • JSON
  • XML

API endpoint

The following calls describe how to access message status information from within your message resource:


# From the default workspace


Accept: application/vnd.whispir.messagestatus-v1+json

# or from a defined workspace


Accept: application/vnd.whispir.messagestatus-v1+json



The following resource types are supported for messages status



The following methods are supported for the message status endpoint: