Distribution lists

Location tags for distribution lists

You can add the Location property to distribution lists. This can be useful for geo-tagging a group of contacts or assets in a single location. The location data can be a set of multiple values with each entry specifying the latitude and longitude values and the type of data. There is no TTL attached to these values, so using the ‘type’ of location can help with proper identification and data staleness.

Type can be:

  • 'CurrentLocation’: Used to specify that the data is the latest and is nearest the best last known location of the DL asset.
  • ‘-any-key-identifier’: Can be any custom identifier key name that you can use to identify/associate the location value with. Like ‘AlternativeLocation’ or ‘LocationB’ or ‘LocationX’ and so on.
  • JSON
  • XML

Creating distribution lists with location values

Distribution lists can contain lists of contacts and other distribution lists.


POST https://api.<region>.whispir.com/distributionlists?apikey=[your_api_key]

Authorization: Basic asdf98nf89asdvasd2r398h8sdf

x-api-key: your_api_key

Content-Type: application/vnd.whispir.distributionlist-v1+json


"name" : "My Distribution List",

"description" : "",

"access" : "Open",

"visibility" : "Public",

"contactIds" : "",

"userIds" : "",

"distListIds" : "",

"locations": [


"longitude": -122.3493552,

"latitude": 47.6204232,

"type": "CurrentLocation"





Users should expect a 201 Created response after executing this request, or 204 No Content in the case of a distribution lost update using PUT.