Contact devices

FAQs about contact devices

Question: I don't want to reveal my app user’s name under the contact for security reasons. How can I still create a contact and send push notifications?

Answer: Whispir asks for the firstName, lastName, timeZone and Country of the contact. You can choose to set any masked value for the firstName and lastName data points. The masked value is only understood by your program and correlates that to your actual user in your DB. Whispir has no interest in that information. Your personal identifiable data remains safely stored on your servers.


Question: How many devices can I register for a single app?

Answer: This depends on the options.deviceLimit value set for the app when you registered it. The default is 3, and the maximum allowed by Whispir is 10. This means your app user can have up to 10 devices and have the app installed on all the 10 devices. It’s an unlikely scenario but it’s still allowed.


Question: My app user’s push token has changed. What should I do?

Answer: Update the contact devices that are tied to that token with the latest value. Refer to Updating devices. Whispir won’t know that the token has changed, so it’s your responsibility to periodically update the token to ensure that Whispir can successfully deliver your push notifications.


Question: What happens if I register two devices with the same token and appId information under a single contact?

Answer: If both the devices are ‘Active’, Whispir will send 2 push notifications to the app.


Question: Can I specifically mention which device under my contact should receive the push notification?

Answer: No. Whispir sends the push to all devices that match the appID under the given MRI.


Question: What if I registered two devices from two different platforms (APNS/GCM) under the same contact, and want to send to both of them at the same time?

Answer: As the apps registered for each platform will be different, you should trigger the message twice, once for each app. A single trigger doesn't allow sending messages to both platforms in one go.


Question: Can I tie/relate the same device to multiple contacts?

Answer: No. You have to register them separately under each contact, and also update them properly if the push token changes.


Question: If I use contact mapping, will my devices also be mapped automatically between workspaces?

Answer: Yes. This feature allows you to register your contacts in one workspace and, with mapping, also trigger push notifications in other mapped workspaces by using the base workspace contact MRI value.