Distribution lists

Whispir’s API allows you to categorise your contacts into different groups – called Distribution Lists – to simplify message distribution. These logical groups can help you target specific communications to specific people. A contact can be part of any number of groups

There are many benefits to using DLs, including:

  • Group messaging
  • Dynamic contacts management
  • Reporting

Whispir supports 3 types of distribution lists:

  • Static: In a static distribution list you manually add contacts and, if required, one or more existing distribution lists. The contacts on the list don’t change unless you manually add or remove them
  • Dynamic: In a dynamic distribution list you add contacts based on rules relating to information saved in their Whispir profiles. The list of contacts updates automatically if those specified details change in any profiles. For example, if you add contacts based on a specific role (such as ‘trainer’) and a contact moves to a different role, the list will exclude that contact when the message is sent
  • Shared: You can create a shared distribution list that’s made up of manually selected recipients, like a static distribution list. Unlike static lists though, this list will then be available for sharing with other workspaces

NOTE: only static and dynamic distribution lists can be created via API. Creating a shared distribution list is restricted to the Whispir platform UI

  • JSON
  • XML

Methods supported


API endpoints


# To manage Distribution Lists in a User-defined workspace


# To manage Distribution Lists in the default workspace



Header for JSON