Deleting an app

You can delete an app using a DELETE request to the /apps/{:aid} endpoint. To do this you need to know the exact ‘link’ associated with the app.

After you perform this request, the response doesn't contain any information other than the headers as it’s not necessary. The response of 204 No Content is returned, indicating that the app is successfully deleted.

Important! The endpoint is purely tied to the creation of apps for push notifications. This endpoint has nothing to do with the apps that you create in to get your API keys.

  • JSON
  • XML

Deleting an app

The following statement allows users to delete an app using the Whispir API. 


Note that this app can't be recovered once deleted. And you must also ensure that the devices that are referring to this app are also promptly either deleted or updated to refer to a new app.

HTTP 1.1 DELETE https://api.<region>{:aid}?apikey=<your_api_key>
Authorization: Basic am9obi5zbWl0aDpteXBhc3N3b3Jk
x-api-key: your_api_key