Custom lists

Custom lists are user-specific translations or preferred options in the various list controls used in the Whispir platform tool. They let you customise list options in various Whispir modules like Messages and Events. These custom lists can either complement or completely overwrite the existing list items.

In the Events module there is a ‘Priority’ field that the user has to complete to specify the priority of the attention. The default values are:

  • Priority 5 (No set resolution period)
  • Priority 4 (< 1 week resolution)
  • Priority 3 (< 3 day resolution)
  • Priority 2 (< 1 day resolution)
  • Priority 1 (< 2 hour resolution)

If these values are not the company’s standard values they can be changed to suit your needs. This is where custom lists come in. Create a custom list and, via company settings, set the custom list to override the existing list. When this is done, the user using the interface will only see the new custom list values.

Custom lists can be associated with message attributes, event fields and contact fields.

Translations within Whispir’s Voice module

Custom lists can also be used to manage language translations in the Voice module. During a call, options can be read out in a contact’s preferred language. In this case, the standard list is replaced with a custom list that is a translation into the target language. Instead of English, the words are read out in the specific language.

This feature makes it easier to communicate with end customers from multiple language groups.

Permission rules applicable to custom lists

  • Any API user will be able to perform a GET on /customlists.
  • If the user is a Company Administrator or Company Leader, they will receive a 200 OK with the valid response.
  • If the user’s Whispir role is Company Member or Company Guest, they will receive a 403 Forbidden error message advising they don’t have permission to access this resource.

CONTENT (type)

Custom lists will contain all lists in the company across the following places:

  • RSS Custom Lists.
  • Incident Custom Lists (Events/Assets).
  • Message Attribute Custom Lists.
  • Contact Custom Lists.
  • Message Custom Lists.
  • JSON
  • XML

API endpoint


Content-Type: application/vnd.whispir.customlist-v1+json


Limited to a workspace

Content-Type: application/vnd.whispir.customlist-v1+json


Resource type



Methods supported