Whispir uses API callbacks to send simple notifications to different registered services in the event that some change has occurred on the Whispir platform. Callbacks are used widely in web applications to transfer information that may become available at some point in the future. These are sometimes referred to as ‘webhooks’.

The benefits of using API callbacks are:

  • Whispir will instantly notify your callback server when a change has occurred on Whispir platform.
  • You save on your daily API call limits by NOT having to call the /messageresponses or /messagestatus endpoint.
  • Response-based workflows can be built quickly and effectively.

Note: We use the word ‘callback’ to help you understand that Whispir will call you back when data is made available.

You create an endpoint (a page in your application) that Whispir will call back when an event happens. That endpoint can be your existing application (as mentioned earlier) or another application that needs/processes the response information.