Getting started

Auto extension of daily limits

Whispir enforces a strict daily limit for the API calls made to its API, irrespective of the endpoint and the HTTP method. At times, however, you may need to temporarily extend the API key limit because you’re experiencing higher than normal activity on your service due to planned or unplanned events.

Whispir understands this issue, and does an automated extension of your API limit to twice the original value for the next 24 hours. This helps prevent hitting a wall and ensures that your messaging traffic flows smoothly. The extension is automatic; it doesn't require your input or confirmation/action. After 24 hours, the limit is returned to its original value.

You are allowed two free auto-extensions per month, and a notification will be sent to your Whispir account manager whenever the extension happens. Whispir may reach out to you to discuss the commercial implications if a higher CPD limit is observed continuously.

If you're using the Startup API edition, your per day limit will be doubled to 20,000. For the Business API edition, it becomes 40,000, and Enterprise becomes 100,000. The per second limits remain unchanged at all times.