Activities are all the individual changes, tasks, calls, messages and so on performed in a given company workspace. Each activity log entry contains information about the workspace, the module (message, email, IVR ...), the user who performed the activity, time stamps, description of the activity, its status (success, fail) and so on.

All of these help meet auditing and standards compliance and also change tracking. For example:

  • As a Whispir API user (Voice module), you want to be able to update the Whispir activity log as a call progresses through the IVR to ensure that the auditing shows exactly what information a caller heard.
  • As a Whispir API user (SMS module), you want to able to retrieve information from the activity log about all the messages sent by a specific user.

As activity information is sensitive, stricter permission rules apply to the data served by these endpoints.

  • Any API user will be able to perform a GET on /activities.
  • If the user is a Company Administrator or Company Leader, they will receive a 200 OK with the valid response.
  • If the user is a Company Member or Company Guest, they will receive a 403 Forbidden response advising that they don’t have permission to access this resource.
  • A Company Administrator or Company Leader can also create content within the activity stream. They do this through a POST of data to either the /activities endpoint or to the specific activity ID.
  • They must specify a valid ‘Action’, ‘Description’ and ‘Status’ within their request.
  • Posting to the /activities endpoint will create a new activity.
  • Posting to the /activities/ {ID} endpoint will append the content to the detail of the specified activity.
  • JSON
  • XML

API endpoint


Content-Type: application/vnd.whispir.activity-v1+json


Limited to a workspace

Content-Type: application/vnd.whispir.activity-v1+json


Resource type



Methods supported