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A nationwide recall of 1.6 million faulty airbags in Australian cars required a multi channel solution including a mobile-accessible platform to reach all affected customers.

How was it built?

Whispir acts as the communicator between the vehicle owner and the recall service.

  • Vehicle owners send an SMS to 0487247224 with their vehicle rego number
  • Whispir performs an API request to Takata’s API. The response received includes the raw recall status data for that vehicle rego
  • Using predefined rules the response data is sent back to the vehicle owner using a preset template in under 10 seconds!



SingPost sends delivery notifications via SMS and email to notify customers when of their parcels arrival. This also provides SingPost with secure and auditable records of delivery.

How was it built?

SingPost uses the Whispir REST API to send delivery notifications as well secure OTP for their drop box facilities. The main aim is to reduce the cost of fuel, road congestion and man power needed used for deliveries.

  • When a parcel is up for delivery, SingPost sends a notification to the end user with the option to get the parcel sent to a specific address or delivered to the closest secure drop box.
  • An OTP is triggered via the API from SingPost’s network, and the addressee can access the secure drop box by Keying-in the OTP received.
  • The same OTP mechanism is used for returns to drop the package and send confirmation that the parcel has been accepted by SingPost.
Australian Blood Services

Australian Blood Services


Australian Blood Services utilised whispir to rapidly evolve communication management to their donors. Confirming & re-arranging blood donation appointments is now conducted by interactive messages, which improve customer experience, reduce call-centre volumes, increase engagement, and improve security.

How was it built?

  • A personalised message is triggered to the donor via the API
  • The message delivers a branded, interactive customer experience. Includes a map for directions and instructions for the appointment.
  • Customer can accept or reschedule using a calendar of available times.
  • The response is fed back into the appointment workflow, closing the loop with the CRM system